"Business Development as a Service" - The Advantages

Customer requirements have increased, ICT solutions and products are becoming more complex thus making explanation indispensable. Consequently, personal customer relations by qualified experts on site are of the utmost importance.

Why should you collaborate with a partner?

  • You have an innovative ICT solution or an excellent product but your own market processing is not possible for you at the moment? With our support you will achieve a fast market treatment, a greater market penetration and more growth in a short time with low fixed costs.
  • You want to open up a new market segment or to expand to Switzerland, without a significant investment? Our services enable you to gradually enter the market at calculated costs.
  • You are aware that a local presence will increase confidence with your customers? We are nearby, act as your contact and represent your interests.
  • You only want to obtain specific services without the expense of increasing your head count? With our services "on Demand" we offer a package adapted to your needs for success.
  • You want to externalize the sales effort and concentrate on your core business? While you’re taking care of daily business we are working on developing a new, attractive market for your company.
  • Your mid-term objective is to build up a local branch office of your own? We will help you each step of the way to achieve this objective. When required and agreed upon, you have the possibility to hire the involved Business Development Manager for your new branch

Why Swiss Business Connections?

  • Our consultants are competent experts in the ICT industry and have long-standing experience in business development and in the successful sale of solutions and products in different market segments.
  • The Swiss market, the culture and its particularities as well as the local language are very familiar to us and we have an extensive business network of relationships.
  • Our focus lies in the successful putting into action because we do not want to accompany our clients only as a strategy consultant or coach.
  • Our service packages are designed with flexibility according to the client needs and contain a fair achievement-orientated remuneration model with minimal risk for you as ordering parties.
  • Our mandates are chosen in different industries to avoid potential competition amongst our clients.
  • Our consultant will remain your sole contact person throughout all stages of the process, which reduces confusion when dealing with multiple parties.

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