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Swiss Business Connections GmbH

About the Business Idea

The business idea of Swiss Business Connections arose due to the well-established activities at large-scale IT service providers. The founder worked successfully in several projects together with solution and product suppliers who were not active in Switzerland with representation of their own. It was recognized that these suppliers lacked a local partner with knowledge of the market, the culture and proven relationships for a sustainable, successful market entry.

In addition, there was the observation that many IT companies have innovative solutions and products but do not have the necessary strategies and resources for sales in new market segments with new customers. Therefore, the management consultancy came into being for "Business Development as a Service".

Andreas Kohler founded Swiss Business Connections LLC with a co-partner model in 2010 as a management consultancy boutique. The long-standing experience, the customer-orientation, the passion for consulting and selling as well as the network relationships in the industry forms the bases of our operational activities. It is our objective to fill a niche in the Swiss market for the business development, marketing as well as sales of consulting-intensive ICT-solutions and ICT-products.

With the complete offering "Business Development as a Service" we provide our clients with a comprehensive experience of our management-consultants for building up new market segments and in the successful solution sales as well as the personal business network to customers and business partners. This benefit package enables our clients to grow and makes expansion possible.

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